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Tues 30th April '2009:

Siamak Kiyarsi... moved out on Sun 28th April (thank god) was a living nightmare, verbally abusive and told me on a few occasions not to 'fuck with him' the man is crazy!!

I'd just got home on Tuesday... opened my bedroom window (as i do) then went to the kitchen to unpack my food. 5mins later I heard a knock at the door, looked through the 'peep hole' and saw it was him.

WTF (i said to myself) what is he doing here please, KMT!!! I ain't letting him in. He kept knocking, harder and harder because he knew I was home... due to my window being open and being unemployed'ish!

But HELLO, I've stopped talking to this man since Dec because i noticed his crazy nice 1 minute and then the next his slamming cupboards, slamming the front door in and out, being verbally abusive and creepy.

Anyway, cut long story short... I wasn't talking to him, we lived under the same room but I was just counting down the mths hoping by the time his 6mth tenancy had ended (april) he'd move out... which he did.

So why the hell or should I say 'who in their right mind' would expect 1 out of 7 housemates (including 2 others) were no longer on speaking/socialising terms to let you in the house. Even if he had still been living there and had forgot his key and knocked my window "I WOULD NOT HAVE LET HI IN"

So now he was no longer living there I couldn't understand why he was at the door!!! My landlord hadn't contacted me to say he was coming and even if he had... I would have told him that he needs to be here to let Siamak in as I wouldn't be!

He continued to bang hard on the door then he'd stopped so went to my room to see if he'd gone... and the fucking man had opened-wide my window, moved the sheet I had hanging (to stop any flies coming in) and was getting ready to climb through my WINDOW. WTF!!!

I shouted:

"what are you doing"

SIAMAK said:

"you need to let me in, I need to collect the key in the room"

I said;

"ahh well, that's not my problem...

u need to call the landlord cause I ain't letting u in"

I went to close the window and his holding it, stopping me from closing it while shouting


You have to let me in... don't fuck with me


(i laughed and said) I don't have to do anything

it nothing to do with me so call the landlord

So while still cussing and stopping me from closing the window he says his going to call the landlord... so lets go of the window and I close it and go back to the kitchen.

Then I hear the door now being KICKED... the man is trying to kick down the brand new door that the owner put in back in October (when he moved in) and I thought this crazy man, is seriously SICK!!! Your now kicking down the door because you want to get a key, you left in your old room!!!

So that is when I thought Fuck-this and started filming because its one of those where u "have to see it to believe it"

The man calls me a Bitch, Whore and then LMFAO has the cheek to say as his running away, having told him I've called the police;


'because I didn't fuck you'

This man is not right and I think other females should be made aware of him and his new housemates because if this is how he carried on because I refused to let him in... god knows what else he could do.

I am going to enquire with the police to find out if anything can be done as his actions, behaviour and verbal abuse was/is disgraceful... so females be warned!!!

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