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THURS 7TH MAY ‘2009:

I got up at 10am today... got sorted to go and do my 1st ‘sign on’ at the Jobcentre today at Lewisham Jobcentre.

I got there at 11:15am and waited for about 10mins before I was seen.

At first the lady had problems locating my details, then found it! I told her that I had a part-time job with ‘AG Care’ but it was not starting until about 5wks time.

Which is when I asked if I could still claim... the woman didn’t look to sure so went to double-check with her manager, who confirmed that it was OK but would still have to fill-out the job search booklet... so all good!

After I left the Jobcentre... I went straight to Lawrence House in Catford to get a housing benefit form and then made my way around the corner to visit Nan in the nursing home, for a while.

When I got there... mum was there too with Adisa, so we got talking and then I decided to fill out my forms.

I finally got to see the lady which uncle tony (mum’s brother) said loves to dance, she is so lovely... she had on a red top with white trousers.

Mum was saying she has a real deep ad sad story to her life. Mum ended up following me back home so that I could collect my I.D for my housing benefit form and Del (older brother) followed me back to Lawrence House and then we returned home.

J (niece) popped round to mine and then she went next door to her dads, and I stayed in doors continuing to unpack.

I later received a text from Justin basically saying;

“I won’t call you again as I don’t think you want to talk to me”

Anyway I explained myself and he came down, stayed over and he got to have a sample of my ‘goodies’ 😋


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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