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FRIDAY 22nd MAY ‘2009:

I got up today at 09:30am due to knock at the door, which I thought was Delroy or Jimmy but it wasn’t neither of them... so think it might have been MD!

Anyway I got sorted and put another wash in the machine, had some cereal and went down to see nanny for a hour and a half!

When I got to the Nursing Home, Nan has just finished her dinner and was waiting to go upstairs. Then Dun (Nan's key-worker) came in and said;



About 20mins later Dun, presents me with another ‘gift’ but I didn’t look at it (there and then) I waited until I was on my way to the audition.

I left Nan’s at 14:15pm and made my way to the DLR in Lewisham and when I got on the train... I took out the present that I received earlier from Dun and it was a lovely silver, dimonte studded watch... it’s really nice!

I sent him a text to say;


Thanks for the Gift!

I sent Jamie Hyland (actor) a text to see how he was doing and he is fine. We may meet for a drink next week.

I also spoke to Charl’s who told me that she is no longer ‘driving’ as she had to hand in her license... after being stopped by police last week!

I spoke to Chan, she is well too and invited me out next week to her uncle Lenroy’s birthday night out.

I got to my audition at 15:45pm and was meet by a black French lady named Christine she’s the one behind the ‘drama’ and we were joined by another ‘auditionee’ who turned up and it was Silvia from Big Brother... she’s so lovely and it was a pleasure meeting her.

Heard from Naomi...


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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