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TUES 26th MAY ‘2009:

I waited in all day today for the ‘3rd party’ of British Gas to come and input my gas meter.

The idiots lied and said the person was running late... then when Mum called them back again (for me) they said someone came after 10am, which is a load of shit!

I was so vex that I all nearly cancelled getting the meter with them, now they have rescheduled for tomorrow. Kmt!

Received a call from Ian today... having only just seen my Facebook message. He had a great Bank Holiday.

Spoke to Charl’s for awhile, she’s cool but a little worried about what will happen with her license and when she’ll get it back!

I had Del, knocking at my door today... so I purposely didn’t answer it! Doing to him... as he does to me (only answers his door) when it suits him!!

‘Don’t Do 2 Others What U Wouldn’t Like Done 2 Yourself’

I got a text from Justin asking how I was and if I wanted a visit from him... so I decided to ‘knock it on the head’ and sent a reply back saying;

An (ex) is back on the scene... so I’m not feeling sociable enough to see you.

And from his response he obviously felt shame as he responded;

It’s OK! I got a girl anyway and only contacted you again...

as you contacted me the other day.

I responded back;

I contacted you to see how you were doing, nothing more!

It was just a little fun and if you already had a girlfriend...

then you should stick with her and STOP messing about.

All in all... we both agreed it was a pleasure meeting and wished each other all the best.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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