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Thurs 27th June ‘2019:

It’s 22:07pm and Jesus just spoke to me and he has been for the last wk since i reached out to my friend (b’day twin) Dion.

Knowing how low I’ve been at certain parts of my life over these last 11mths since I’ve been out of full-time work... I needed to ask Di if there was any way she could (as and when) though I really wanted it daily, but didn’t want to seem greedy and burden her with my WANT.

Anyway i asked if she could send me a pray that I could say... because I’ve felt like I’ve needed another way to try to connect and speak to him in order for him to really hear me (though I know he does) well ever since that 1st one she sent me on Thurs 13th June... he has SPOKEN to me, through Di by giving me the ON-POINT scripture, word and prayer. ITS DEEP?

That was 2wks ago today... omg, I’m just realising that and since then I’ve got my 1st job as an official security, full-time back in the industry I LOVE Construction. It’s my 3rd day and I’m loving it... though it can at times be for me not BUSY enough as it’s a fairly new project, The ------------ to be exact!!

Its a HUGH one for a construction company I’ve never heard of before and I’m back officially as The L.I.C (lady in control) the Solo Female Security alongside x2 others (Male) 1 being the lovely Dylan who shocked me on yesterday when he told me he has no children yet... like WOW.

How rare is that a man with no children, he is 37, though comes across older... in his past he was given the opportunity of possibly having a child, but she had an abortion (family politics) god still hasn’t blessed him since. Omg, his cute, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

he is a Jamaican that’s been here since 2001 (I think) but I can just see in him and Nathaniel (chi) who’s also the similar bold that they know how to LOVE

The song from the Gospel Hits... that I’ve been listening to since Sunday (i need) to hear godly tunes, feel understood and just connected

God wants you to Go For It!


"...the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force."

Matthew 11:12, ESV


It's time to be aggressive and energetic when it comes to letting go of the past and pressing forward to the abundant life God has in store. You can’t sit around in self-pity and think about what you lost, who hurt you, and how unfair it was. It's time to develop a warrior mentality and boldly go after your victory! A warrior doesn’t complain about opposition; a warrior loves a good fight. It's time to proactively pursue the happiness, health, and peace that is promised in God's Word. God told Joshua to cross over the Jordan and go in and possess the land. Notice that the word "possess" implies action. It means to drive out the previous tenants. It's time to quit dwelling on past mistakes and failures and determine to never look back! As you set your focus on the Word of God and His promises, you'll discover victory rising in every area of your life—you'll discover the champion in you!


God, I want to live the victorious life you intended for me. I know I am not perfect, but help me to focus on the future, not my past mistakes, and grant me the courage to pursue the happiness, health, and peace that you promised for me. In Jesus' name - Amen.

The Gospel song that he reached out to me through as I was going through my emails and that I heard for the first time today is called;

RELEASE | The Church Choir

The words and the video... gave me the vision of the ‘Positive, Uplifting Words’ that have either helped me over the years but most of all since Sunday, I’ve had ‘words’ from the Almighty displayed to me in prayer, gospel music and even down to 1 of the residents who is a ‘white woman’ who surprised me when age told me she was born in Jamaica (she’s 70).

Anyway she told me she went for her bible reading today... wow again, as it was only less than 2wks ago me and Di were talking about that and me thinking about attended a Sunday church (as and when)

And here’s this lovely woman handing me a godly bible referencing book... like wow adding, only been working there since Tues and had a resident give me a present and yesterday I received a phone call as I was on my way home, from peter telling me their dropping a ‘day time’ Security and if I wanted to remain as the solo parking/residents security. Err, yer!

Thank you Peter

#itsdeep #prayer #god #jesus #spoketome

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