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This is as real as it gets peeps... Thursday 29th Aug '2019 I was feeling very low (nothing new) but this is my reality of 'Depression' being a part of me... and has been for over 20yrs! Yes, I'm an open book but this part of my life I have kept to myself until now and mentioning it in my (soon to be published) Book called; 'The Journey of a Hidden Princess - A British Lady's Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline'.

I know the topic of 'Mental Health' has become a mainstream subject that many are talking about, sharing their experiences etc. But I may have never even have shared my 'depression' had I not written my book and even though I am sharing it, it's still a sensitive subject for me to talk about and brings past emotion, hurt and pain to the surface which then ends with me most likely breaking down! But to anyone that has also been suffering for years in silence I want to say "stay strong and let it out, in writing, music or recording yourself... so that when you have your good days or finally find happiness, you can look back on it and say to yourself (well done, you made it through". #realtalk

#low #sorry #high #depression #selfreflection

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