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Updated: Mar 5

Sharing a variety of Acting & Supporting Artist work that I have done over the last 20yrs, ranging from #tv #theatre #featurefilms and #musicvideos May more great opportunities come my way. #amen 🙏











Played the role of a mum, for Back 2 Afro feature film.




Interview with #bentv




A sketch called ‘Cold Face’




A sketch called ‘Valentine’






Performed for two sold out nights at the famous and well known ‘Hackney Empire’



Brixton Gyal, feature film!



BBC | ????? | S3

TUES 31st JAN ‘2023:

Today is the last day of filming, with another late call time of 11:45 am. I hope it all goes well and thank you for having me!

MON 30th JAN ‘2023

Most of the day was sat chilling on the bus and then was called to sit at a table for the wedding, alongside 3 of the main actors. I don't think I will be edited into that scene, though it would have been nice, but hey there are no guarantees when you do SA work that you will ever be seen only that you are getting paid. 😉

THURS 26th JAN ‘2023 plus

Currently doing SA work as a wedding guest on this comedy.

The first day I was not having been sitting on a freezing cold bus, due to the generator breaking down, so I left. But the remaining days it has been fine and the bus is now warm (heat fanatic) I am. 🙈

As always, it's an all-white production team, think there was 1 who was Asian but not black! I saw about 5-6 other black SAs compared to the remaining 50+ who were not, but again it's always the way.

Unless it's a black person who is behind the writing, directing and producing, like the 1 off fabulous production that I worked on last year as an SA which is coming out on #netflix this year. 👌

It is what it is and nothing new in the 20+ years that I have been doing SA work (on and off) alongside the odd main, speaking roles.

Anyway here are a few pics from the last few days.

Lovely cheesecake

Dinner from another day, a Shepherdless Shepherds pie and the rest.

Breakfast, sausage roll 🤤 though I said I wasn't doing any meat this year 😩

Selfie, while waiting on the bus (the SA’s waiting area) with what I am wearing on set. Had this dress for over 5yrs and had never worn it before until today!

Food from 1 of the days on-set

This is how I did my #locs (we had to do our hair and makeup) which is more than fine for me, as I am sure none of them would know how to style my hair!



19th DEC ‘2022

It was a real pleasure to enter the studios and set of where the longest watched soap #eastenders is filmed! I have been a fan and been watching it since the 80s and will always be a fan. 👌


????? | NETFLIX |

19th APRIL ‘2022:

How ❤️🔥️‍🔥 am I to be working on the film which has been created, written, directed and the rest by this AMAZING Black Actor. WOW!

If you would like to know more and which film, click this link below TBC🤗


#abouttoday 💁‍♀️ #blackexcellence I can honestly say today is the 1st time in the 20yrs that I have either worked, experienced or seen within the #entertainmentindustry 👏👏

Soooo much Gr8 Blackness 💯 🥳working as #makeupartist or #hairandmakeup #black

Do you know how #superb it is to see #blackpeople who know what to do, can relate!!

Knows ur #skin #clothes #hair #face etc. I was #shocked 😲to have a superb #loction come to do my hair, instead of a Non-Black (no offence) just stating #facts 😉🤷♀️🖤🤍🖤🤍

Good at what they do but most DON’T have a clue what to do Locs or Not 🙁 though they try! #locsworld_onelove

BOTH of the 2 whose chair I sat in were #blackbeauties who made me feel #special - #thankyou both.🙏

A BIGGER Thank you to those (u know who you are) 🤫 4 creating this priceless Project & Supporting… The Blackness by making todays experience one that left me with the #wow factor!

Stay Great, Fabulous & Keep Doing You! I See You Both! 😉🥇👏😍

Here are some pics

#sa #filming #actor #supportingartists #thekitchen #netflix #blackgirlmagic #locnation #locsnotdreads #blackcast #blackproduction #lovetheblackness #locs4life #amazing


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