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Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Sharing #auditions past and present all full of variety.



WED 17th OCT ‘2018: @15:15pm

Not long got home from attending an Audition... that I was submitted for by my agent!  🤞


It was at the Newman Studios, which I was only at a few wks ago... for another audition and once again, ‘I Still Got Lost’ 🤦‍♀️ even though I had the help of Google Maps. Lol 😂 


In my 20yrs of “doing as I do” grafting and putting myself out there within the entertainment industry - Its only been since living in west London (7 and a half years now) that I’ve had Representation by x2 agents. 


The proof is in the pudding... that perseverance, dedication, hard work, investing in yourself and always putting yourself out there - can get you work from BUT having an Agent (is the icing on the cake) as sometimes they have access to certain industry people, know about castings before others etc.


Your agent needs to be dedicated to all their clients, wanting the best for them, their career, be able to offer help, advice, support - and the rest!  


Though I have my new Representation with the lovely ‘Woman in Control’ Helen at #TMA (as shown via the banner) on my Homepage and they are doing great things for all their clients - one big happy 😊 fam!  


Representing myself is #standardprocedure  and is what I know... but having the added assistance of an Agent that is well known, has a variety of known ‘celebrity’ and unknown like ‘myself’ on their books IS fabulous!


Because: Regardless of Status... we all need a helping-hand, now and again” 


Anyway as expected (sometimes) when attending a casting/audition - you may bump into others that you know... for me that doesn’t happen much - but today was 1 of those days ☺️


The lovely, funny, quirky and pleasure to work with @deegrant was sat in the reception filling out her form... as I walked in and approached reception the gentleman said;









Can I have your name... please



Forbes, Anikka


Heyyyy (Voice in the background)


I looked over and it was Dee 🤗



Hi my darlin, hows u?



I’m good!  When I heard you say Forbes and looked up... I knew it was you.


We both laughed... 


Me and Dee meet back in 2012 when we worked on the same Theatre Production project with Director Lorna Blackman in the ‘Good Black Men and Good Black Woman’ production!


I don’t believe we’ve seen each other since but stayed in contact via social media... and today we were auditioning for the same role - so I hope 🤞 either one of us is successful and get the job.🙏


We had a great catch up after and looking forward to getting out and about together, so we can both get back on the networking, socialising and seeing what the future holds for the both of us... by Gods Grace. 🖤


These are the two pics we took, I took 1 on my phone and Dee took the other via hers too. #ladiesofcolour moving from strength to strength... within the Entertainment Industry and our; ✨Time 2 Shine✨will come 1 day (sooner rather than later) 🤞


Hope everyone is having a great day.x


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