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Updated: May 8

It's official; this is my #blog post! 1st Blog, My Life, My Words, My Way...


26th JUNE ‘2017

OMG, this is now my 1st ever official Blog!!! - I can't believe I'm lost for words, as I'm so use to writing in a diary or via my notes on my phone so can't understand why I'm feeling a little like 'Really' yes, Nicky... really!!!

I've just had my website upgraded a little more and saw that I had the option to blog... so here I am. BIG SMILE

I Am R.E.A.L.I.T.Y;

R: Real

E: Easy-Going

A: Ambitious

L: Lady

I: In Control

T: Too Honest 4 My Own Good

Y: Yer I Said It...

So now that i'm over my #1stBlogShock

First I's like to say;

Thank You, YES... I'm talking to YOU the person who is currently reading this and wondering who is this person or maybe wondering what this photo is about!

I am proud, delighted, excited and still in disbelief at seeing my first book come to life right before my eyes... it is truly a beautiful feeling and I feel truly blessed and thankful. Amen.x

This is me... Anikka Forbes aka Nicky an individual person just like you who has had their ups and downs, good and bad times and have no regrets for anything negative that I have experienced in my life because I am a believer in many meaningful sayings... 1 of them being;

"There Is No Right Time... Other Than Gods Time"

And no, I ain't no preacher or religious person but I do believe in my 'great living god' only he knows what each and everyone's destiny is... even-though he gave us the ability of choice regardless of which option you pick you will still get to or end up where you were meant to be. #YerISaidIt #MyView #MyOpinion

WE all have a story to tell (YES EVERYONE) but the simple fact is most people either think they haven't got a story, has got a story but wouldn't want to share it or wants to write a book but not sure where to start!

Whereas I've always had a passion for writing and always said that I would write a book from back in my mid-teens but never knew what it would be about or anything... but i just knew it was something I would do one day!

Memorabilia is an important thing for me wither it be in the form of photos, video recordings or the one that is like a drug... writing in the form of diaries. Hell Yer, this is me... #TheLIC

I Am 100% in Control of whatever I write, explain, share within those 365 day pages and for the last 16yrs (2000-2016)

I have been keeping track of my life but if I'm honest it not just about me because I also write about what is going on in my life, the people in my life at that time (family, friends, colleagues, men) etc.

You name it... I'm sure there will be something that I write wither it be a thought, experience or I have a little writing for everyone. LMFAO!!!

One thing I will say... as you can see I swear I said that this s my 1st Blog and I was feeling all and shit, well that's gone now because my problem is that when I start writing I just can't bloody stop... even when it's just meant to be a few words those few words end up turning into either half or a full page worth of writing. #NoShame #LoveIt #ThisIsMe

My fabulous editor, writer and publisher Sabrina Guice aka my #FairyGodmother knows exactly what I am talking about when it comes to me writing... you would never believe that I only meet Sabrina only 3mths via a great site which I recommend. In this short space of time Sabrina has guided me, taken my material, read it, edited it, sent it back to me to read and re-edit if needed then send it back Approved then we move on to the next chapter... currently on Chapter 6 and then 2 more chapters left to do!

The Amazing Title of my Book

'The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady's Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline'

Was the creation of Sabrina combining what I had told her and what my Dad had mentioned to her which is when she came up with this tremendous Title.

I emailed her over a few photos this being the one that was chosen which I am proud of and it makes me smile when I look at it because this photo was taken at a superb celebration somewhere I never thought I'd ever get to visit but most of all this was/is the best ever memory I will treasure forever... why because I was with my Dad. xXx