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Updated: May 8

Sharing some of my experiences contracting within the #construction industry since ‘2006 as a Document Controller & Site Secretary! On Big, medium & small projects & a variety of we'll known companies!



4th JULY ‘2018

WOW... In my 13yrs contracting, NEVER have I seen so many ‘Black Men’ at all Management Levels on 1 Project!!! 👊 🖤👌

Slowly but Surely, the Construction 🚧 Industry is 👉changing👈 with fab diversity and about time.

This is a FANTASTIC Project, and the Team, labourers and all are superb... all sites should lead by example with this job which proves #ethnicityisnobarrier 🤛

BUT more females... needed too!!! You have to be a strong, firm, down to Earth female who is not phased by men of any age, race, size or position... to succeed!

I was given the alias name in 2011, ‘The Lady In Control’ aka #TheLIC for no reason!!! Lol 😋

Anyone who worked with me... knows I’m fair BUT;

“I take no prisoners”, mate

And definitely no foolishness... from ANY man!!!

#YerISaidIt #LoveTheBlackness🖤 #FemaleInConstruction 🛠



10th JAN ‘2018

My five weeks as a ‘Lady of Leisure’ and now back doing what I do best within the Construction Industry... working as a DC, aka Document Controller!

Only the best ‘Bespoke’ in a superb location with a great Team 🤗 and can’t wait to see the end result of this SERIOUS, jaw-dropping 😲lol, project...

💚Construction and working with 

(da mans dem), well, those that can handle working with me!!! 👊🏾 #SNM

There’s only 1 🙄 #LIC 👈🏾👈🏾 (Lady in Control) that’s me 😝. A great start to this FRESH new year! 

I look forward to more EXCITING opportunities coming my way, by God's Grace. 🙏🏾Amen🙏🏾