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WED 22nd APRIL ‘2009:

10yr throwback! #sexualharrassment

I woke up @7am and decided to text Matt (boss) from my computer to say I’d be in about 12’ish as I was waiting for my landlord to come, the message.

It went through, and I woke at 10am... went had a wash and got back to my bed to get dressed then I heard my phone ring.

I picked it up from the bed and looked to see who was calling, it was Winnie (agency consultant) as soon as I saw her name, something told me that she was calling because Mr Baker had called to say;


‘he doesn’t want me to return’

I was right... 🙄those were pretty much the words she said to me when I answered the phone and she was like;


“Hi Anikka... I hear you not in work today and you left work early. I yesterday and ‘MB’ I didn’t know where you had gone”.

I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing... I’d been working there for 8mths and taken on a role where I was doing my duties, helping plus assisting others and enjoying doing it because I was good at it.

So, to then have Mr Matthew Baker (senior project manager) at Skanska... terminate my contact not because the project had/was finishing BUT because I was ‘too much’ for him to handle. So, for him to have the last laugh and I assure you his been laughing!

Because he thinks his better than everyone else because he is the Senior Project Manager... who can say what he wants as (it’s his site) and his let his position go to his head. Joker!!!

Winnie (consultant) said;

“he has offered to pay me a weeks’ notice”

Winnie 🤔thought that was nice of him to do that... Kmt! But hello he had no choice but to do that as he wanted me not to return. When she called back to say that MB didn’t want me to come in tomorrow (as my last day) nor could I return to collect any of my things... which was spiteful. BASTARD!!!

Instead he’d get someone to take my things to reception... at this point I felt violated!


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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