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Sharing my 1st timers of variety right here! Have you tried any of these?



THURS 12th OCT ‘2023:

Today I had an Aura & Chakrah healing with the 1 and only Carmel. I had never had this experience before and it was calming, relaxing and different.

The great thing is that Carmel also sends you other useful tools like his book, meditation audio which you can continue to use after your session with him. I recommend having this experience with him via zoom.

Thank you for the experience, material and selfie Carmel. 🙏



FRI 14th APRIL ‘2023

Today is a great day!

Just successfully passed a 3hr trial for a part-time job and passed 🥳🥳 Thank you God 😘

Then as I was on the way home waiting at least square tube, a guy asked;


Do u have any spare money


Only card sorry


Can I have 1 of your chips


No problem and gave him a few

I got on the tube 1 stop to Tottenham Court Rd. And as I was walking down the stairs to the platform, I saw a homeless man with a sign!

I gave him the rest of my nuggets ☺️

Then when I got on the tube I so this young boy with his dad. I'd just finished eating, having brought x2 kids 🫣meals from Burger King, which came with 2 drinks.

I opened 1 and had a spare, capri sun, which I know kids love so I went over to his dad (I think)


I've a spare drink, would your son like it


Awww thank u

Never have I experienced helping 2 people and giving a child in the space of 10mins before. Beautiful, will ALWAYS give if I can. 🙏



WED 12th APRIL ‘2023

Had my friend try their #cupping cups on me and WOW I could feel it 😵 can you 👀 ALL THAT BELLY FAT! 🤪



THURS 25th AUG ‘22:

Today I played #dominos for the first time! In all the years I've seen the extra-mature men playing, I thought it was a hard game to play...

BUT it was the complete opposite! I luv it and won twice 🤗

Here is a little snippet of my 2nd game



SUN 7th OCT @17:37pm

#Dinner is served - Used a #howto #vlog via @YouTube to make this lovely #sauce 

I decided last night to use my #meangrillingmachine to grill my #chickenbreast - but wanted to do a nice sauce so I could have it with the #chicken and #mash 

So I decided to make a Mushroom 🍄 lovely Sauce... by following a #howto #vlog via #youtube, with only 1 missing ingredient 😏 #parmesancheese but it still tastes #delicious 👏👏👏

Hope everyone is having a lovely #sunday 😬

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