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Mon 15th Aug ‘2022:

I was just checking my messages on Twitter and came across an invite from;

The Trouble Club

Click the pic, to visit their IG page ☺️


I'd never heard of them before. So I checked out their website and saw that it was a club dedicated to Female

(Ladies/Woman in Control) 🥳👏

This is the message received!

I am honoured to have such an invite into an exclusive club like this. I went ahead a filled out the Q&A form then submitted it.

They will then decide if they will accept you into the group, so fingers crossed. 🤞

It's now Tues 16th Aug and I have just received an email lettinge know... they will be Thrilled to have me as a member. at the thought of meeting new women, learning, to being inspired, maybe collaborate, meet other authors.

They have even offered to help promote my book #tjoahp

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