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Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Sharing some of my #diary #journal entries from ‘2009. 20yr #throwback aged 28 🤗from my S.E.L.D (South-East London Dayz) full of variety. From #family #work #friends #auditions #relationships #drama and more.


SUN 23rd SEP ‘2009:

It's 15:00pm At home listing to TUNES for the ‘Mature Ravers’ via my playlist 👇

Anyway, as always, I start doing one thing, then get distracted by doing something else, lol 🙄.

Right now, I’m meant to be recording, editing and uploading my Diaries via my IG profile; 👇

IG: @TheLICDiaries-AkA and One of my YouTube channels; 👇 

But I got sidetracked by two black bags from my #southeastlondondayz, which were in #storage, and I have yet to go through them. Until now!!! 

The 1st bag had a few of my #teddies 🐶 and things like #bithdaygifts from my #21st and #30th ☺️

I opened the 2nd bag... which had a few sentimental bits I had taken from my Nan's room at the Nursing Home... after she passed away! 😞

Most things were photos that I’d taken over the years... so one day, when chilling with my nan in her room, I wasn’t feeling how dry her four walls were (even more so the ones above her head), so decided the next time I came to visit her.

I’d bring a variety of family pics and stick them at the side (eye view) so when she was lying down... instead of staring up at the empty ceiling 😳 she could look to the right side of her and see familiar faces of #family and #friends... 🙏 Here are some pics I just came across from the #blackbag with some of my nan's things... miss and love 💖 u, Nan. x

The last pic... is 3 of my nans (daughters), i.e. my #mum and two #aunts, which I took back in, I think 🤔 2007/8 for their birthdays!  

One thing that no one can disagree on is that these three #sisters have always known how to throw a #fab #houseparty 👌💃💯it’s from them... that my 💚for #music #loversrock #reggae #raregrooves #revivals #variety of #songs 🎶 comes from them. 🙌 Though we can’t choose our family... but watching #kuwtk I #love the closeness, love and fun all siblings have with each other and their #yummymummy it’s #priceless as is anyone’s family (not in the public eye) whose family is similar...

I #envy you 💯#realtk simply because I never got to have that sibling-bond 🤷‍♀️ 

But hey,

“shit happens”

All I can hope is that maybe I’ll be able to create that with my own... should #god 🙏 bless me with #life #pregnancy #healthybaby by #godsgrace #amen At least I have these #priceless #memories to 👀 back on... from my #mumsside of the family - I’ve NO REGRETS for anything that I’ve experienced (good or bad) because we all have our own #lifejourney to live!

Stay blessed, peeps... going to have a little #bbq with my #housemates, aka #hov (Housemates of Variety) ✔️


THURS 16th JUNE ‘2009

CLICK ⤵️ 2 SEE 👀



MON 25th MAY ‘2009:

I woke up today thinking it was late, like early afternoon and was shocked to see that it was 9am. I’d only slept for 6hrs and already I was up wide awake. I went toilet, had a drink then decided to lay down in the living room for a few hours and ended up waking back up after 1pm.


I spoke to Mum briefly, she was just taking it easy too...


Then I received a text from Shaun (colleague) at the Skanska project #metoo


He told me that he had been made redundant last Friday along with Dave Allan. I know they must have been pissed when they were told... but at least they got to say Goodbye to everyone, unlike me!


Dun, sent me a text to see how I was doing...


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes




SUN 24th MAY ‘2009:

I got up at 9am today and decided that I was going to go with Mum and Aunty Pet up to Tricia’s House for Nathan’s 5th Birthday party.


So, I went in the bathroom to get washed and heard shouting... realised it was coming from Del’s flat (next door) he and Laura were arguing... dam fools!!


Then as I finished in the bathroom I went and had a look out of the living room window (on to the high street) and saw her leaving out of Del’s through the gates and headed back to the bedroom to get dressed.


I meet up with Mum and Aunty pet at the 185 bus stop @12pm and we made our way to Forest Hill station, got to East Croydon where the train was delayed (national rail)


We nearly headed back but ended up getting on the train @14:22pm and arrived at Tricia’s just after 3pm and watched the kids play🎈 and had a few drinks too.


Then Christine arrived... her and Mum went and had a smoke, then when Mum returned she told me that Christine wasn’t going to Sabrina’s 21st B’day party... due to a fall out with Bev.


Then we were all having a discussion and out of nowhere it turned to our (mother and daughter) relationship. We spoke about me being ‘Bullied’ at primary school and about Mum always 'putting her men' before me.... as well as never talking about her relationship (good or bad) with my dad.😳


And I just 'broke down crying' 😥from nowhere... couldn’t stop! I felt like I was in a ‘counselling session’ with Christine.


Then Mum broke down too a little after hearing a few ‘home truths’ which Aunty Marie agreed with too! Then Christine said;


You need to both talk about your feelings together


Mum agreed to have that convo with me but deep down... I know it will never happen and once we’d left Tricia’s the subject would all be forgotten.


Me, Mum and Lewis got a lift back to Catford with Christine, Gus and Patrick then I went straight home to get dressed.


Mum and Aunty pet got to mind after 11pm and we went and joined the birthday party 🎉celebration.! Sabrina looked lovely, so did Claire and the 😘bump. It was a nice night and it finished at 2am.


Jimmy’s son is sooo lovely!!!😍


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes




MON 20th MAY ‘2019:

TUES 19th MAY '2009

While at home I was in deep thought about me and __ and where we’d have been in our life... if we’d given our relationship a real go. I’m pretty sure I’d have 1 if not 2 children for him, if god blessed me with them.


I have always known that he was the 1 and that we belonged together... but I wasn’t ready to take anything serious on board back in the ‘Bellingham Rd Days’.


But I know ‘nothing happens before it’s time’ and believe ‘2009 is our time... if that’s what he wants -------------------------------

©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @anikkaforbes




WED 1st MAY ‘2019:

FRIDAY 1st MAY ‘2009:

Mum sent me a cute text saying;


“I love my Nicky, my pretty likkle Nicky

and my Nicky loves me.”


Ahh, think that’s her way of saying she’s glad I’m back on the endz. Plus she'll have her eldest two children down the road... living 'next door' to each other!


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes



THURS 23rd APRIL ‘2009:

I woke up at 08:30am today and was ok as I thought I would have tried to go back to sleep... but didn’t! I had my wash, done my hair, face and got dressed into my dressing gown as I wanted to be comfortable but also be able to get ready in 5mins in case I got a call-out from TAAS (The Appropriate Adult Service).

I logged straight onto my internet and into my emails... today I had time to really think about the last few mths @Skanska and how I was really unhappy there (the last few mths) but yet I stuck it out! Because I wasn’t about to lose a job, I was great at and paid me a weekly salary just because of MB (Matthew Baker) was turning into a real arsehole because he no longer had any of my attention. #realtalk

The moment he displayed his ‘off-keyness’ 😒 I knew that if I didn’t get another job and leave then I was going to be made to leave b4 the end of the project. And what happened... that exact thing.

I had a few ‘legal’ people call me back to offer advice and one asked me if I reported it to HR of the company and if not, then that’s what I should do! Then the other solicitor said they wouldn’t be able to take on the case as a ‘no win, no claim basis.

Then I was researching similar cases and saw that there were many issues within Employment such a 👎Bullying and Sexual Harassment which should be reported within 3mths for any advice or help... plus me being a temp not in a perm position could me different law rights.

I honestly feel so upset to know that there is nothing I can do to show that;

‘men like him need to know that they can’t treat me or other women

in general, like this and play with their lives...

just because he didn’t get his way and because I didn’t allow

him to talk to me any how or belittle me’!!! 🤬


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes



4th APRIL ‘2009:

We went swimming as usual and then I went to Catford High Street, to Motown Night Club to view Jimmy’s other flat (2 bed) which is next door to Del (older brother).


It’s a good size, though old fashioned in need of modernising but has great potential. I told him I wanted to move in, within the next mth. or two.


Went back to Mum’s and got started with the cooking... Mum done the ‘curry-goat and I done the fried chicken, while we were cooking ‘dial-a-ride’ knocked at the door and there was Nan sat waiting to come in and have her monthly day out from the Nursing Home with the family.


I helped Dom (cousin) with his CV then checked all my emails from last week. We all had something to eat, which everyone enjoyed.

Then Ronald (mums’ boyfriend) told us about the owner at ‘Fuse Bar’ in Lewisham looking for Caterers. Then out of nowhere we thought about us making food (to order) for the ‘Fuse Bar’ and maybe even Motown... as and when people request it.


Mum thought of the name 'RNV Caterers' aka (Ronald, Nicky and Val) which we all loved.


Before I knew it, it was 18:30pm and I went upstairs to try on what I was going to wear again to the ‘World Sound Cup Clash’ for Pedro...who invited us to Model. Spoke to Hannah who was coming to pick me up after 8pm.


Kmt, I felt so... (out of shape and rubbish) I nearly didn’t go!!!


Hannah collected me and we made our way down to Brixton O2 Academy. It was an interesting night, Shaun (biker) was there... was nice to see him and the event didn’t start till about midnight.


Me and Hannah popped out to get more drink and throughout the whole night, we had 5 different people ask us if we were ‘sisters’ we do look-a-like... when both our hair is tied back in 1. Hannah kept complimenting me, after a few drinks. Lol!


I’m 100% sure she ‘swings both ways. #femalecrush #myview #yerisaidit


This pic above is of the fabulous, handsome, funny, down to earth, gent and a pleasure to have known... Ronald (mums' ex). Still can't believe that you have 'passed over' and I didn't even know, it hurts and would have most def been there to have paid my respects. I still believe you were 1 of the best things that happened to my mum and the family and will never forget you.

Keep shinning above, until we meet again 1 day.xXx 😥


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes



THURS 28th MARCH ‘2019:

SAT 28th MARCH ‘2009: DISCLAIMER: This is not my footage!




TUES 10th FEB ‘2009

©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes



TUES 29th JAN ‘2019:

THURS 29th JAN ‘2009: I got up @05:40am today... had a shower and got sorted. I made the 06:45am train and got into work at 07:05am It was great seeing Frank and Tony... but other than that I could have turned and walked out the door!!!


Shaun was off sick... nothing new!!!


Then I saw the man that I can’t stand (my boss) Mr Baker. 😏


I could just tell from his body language that he was so ‘PISSED’ at the fact that I didn’t contact him... to tell him why I was ‘off-sick’! Good... because his an ‘IDIOT’ 😡


I had nuff emails sitting in my inbox waiting for me to check and respond... then by midday I was cool and back to working while emailing between Aunty.Me, Tasha and Marika.


I left work @5pm... was home by 6pm when Terry aka Mr Riggs called to see how I was doing and catch-up with his business ideas.


Then out of the blue the little git said;



I’m going to talk to Danny...



Danny... who?



From Red Dwarf


I couldn’t help but laugh... as he was referring back to a past conversation we’d had where he was asking me about men etc.


I told him... I use to be involved with an Actor and some how he done his research and put (two and two) together. Little git... the world 🌍 is too small. 🤪


I had a voicemail...when I listened to it, it was from a lady called ‘Sarah’ from ITV calling me about my application for the Daytime TV Show ‘Golden Balls’... OMG, will call her first thing tomorrow 😁


Spoke to Tasha about Mr. Woods emailing again... so I put him straight for the last time and that is it!


Meeting Marika next Wednesday and Akos next Thursday.



©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes



TUES 28th JAN ‘2009:​


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes



THURS 24th JAN ‘2019:

SAT 24th JAN ‘2009: Up again at 7am and we all set out at 07:50am!


We got to St Dunstan and got undressed into our swimwear then got straight into the pool. I got into the water and got straight on with my swimming. At first, I swam with 1 float on my front and back... which I really enjoyed! Then (out of the blue) my instructor asked me if I would like to try and swim on my own without any floats. 😁


I thought I’d be nervous, but I wasn’t!


I felt confident and went for it... couldn’t believe it I had done it, stopped to catch my breath and when I looked back, I was half way across the pool (5 meters). I was over the moon and so was my instructor... she seemed shocked and said to me;


You must be the fastest learner I have taught to swim... well done!


My only problem is my breathing technique which I need to get better at controlling, other than that “I Can Swim” ... yer!!! 👏


Me and Jeyda headed straight for her audition in Elephant and Castle. We were 45mins late, but she got seen and done well in her audition. Callie (producer) told Jeyda that even if she doesn’t make the ‘lead’ role... she will defiantly have a part as an extra with some dialogue as one of the pupils in the classroom.


Plus, she’ll also receive a copy of the film and an invite to any screenings. I checked my email after 6pm and there was 1 from Callie offering J a role as an extra... great news.


I spoke briefly to Remi, via msn (for the last time). 😒


Tamer also contacted me via text asking for ‘1 more chance’... but I declined!!! 😒


Spent a few hours down @Tasha’s till 1am.



SAT 19th JAN ‘2009:

MON 19th JAN ‘2009:

2009 is Mine and I gonna Shine... so watch this space cause its gonna take place!!!

Today was a messed-up Monday morning, I stayed at mums till today and ended up waking up at 06:45am rather than 05:45am Then as I was in the bathroom... I remembered that I was having my ‘work’ photo taken today at work.

  • Neither me or mum heard back from Big Brother...but tis fine as we’ll be at the live auditions. So, fingers x... we get in!



MON 12th JAN ‘2009...

Took today of work (Skanska) thank god.


Didn’t do anything apart from lazy around and then went and had my 3pm reading with Pat.


I have to say this reading was full of mixed emotions... that it even had Pat confused, but it was all good!


I had an ‘angel’ card reading... which required me to pick 1 card and I picked out the ‘Archangel Michael’ card which is only 1 of 4 within the pack.


Pat told me she could see;


  • Travel

  • Pregnancy

  • Great £££

  • Property


But again, I need to listen to my readings from the beginning to know what was mentioned in my previous readings which I had back in;


  • 2004

  • 2005

  • 2006

  • 2007 and 2009


After my reading I went straight down to mums after, where I opened the big bottle of drink... I got a lovely card from mum which Rhea wrote great words in and Lewis. I stayed over till Tuesday.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes





MON 5th JAN ‘2009:

Woke up today to snow on the ground... as I made my way to the station. So glad I have my snow boots on!

I was so tempted to return to work tomorrow instead of today... but was fine once I got on the train!

I know it would be hard to return at all had I not returned today.

Got into work and wished everyone a Happy New Year then sat at my desk, turned on my computer plus fan-heater. Then by 10am I was falling asleep at my desk as I was so bored and tired.


I contacted an Accountant that I found on Gumtree to see if he could help me with my Tax, his name Sauba Osauba.

I left work at 7pm today and outside was SOOO cold... I just wanted to get home.

When I got out of the tube station at London Bridge... I had received a voicemail and when I listened to it the message said;

“Hi, this message is for Anikka Forbes.

This is Dawn from Big Brother, please could you

Call me back on 0208 ... 4558”

I was so shocked as I’ve never had a call from them before!

Then I had my mum call me to let me know she also missed a call from a lady called Dawn who said she was from BB.

As we continued talking, I got on the train... we both started laughing because mum was feeling to shy to call her back. We both tried calling her back but had no luck, so had to leave a voicemail as there was no answer.

©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes



FRI 2nd JAN ‘2009:

Coolio - Rapper

Verne - Actor

Ulrika Jonsson

Lucy - page 3

Tina - from skins

Latoya Jackson


These are the main housemates that I know-off.


I have to say I think this year’s Celeb BB is the best line-up so far!


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) by @AnikkaForbes ~ #nickydiaries2009



THURS 1st JAN ‘2009:

Delicious food, nuff drink, music and plenty jokes too.


One of Ronald’s friends called Mickey arrived at the party just after 4am and we were talking. Aunty Marie came out and told him to “leave me alone” cause I’m her niece. Lol!


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) by @AnikkaForbes ~ #nickydiaries2009

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