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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Sharing some of my #tb #diary #journal from #2019, aged 38. Full Of Variety! #NickyDiaries



6th JAN ‘2019

It’s the 1st Sunday of the year and I’m slowly creeping into a new ‘age’ in 6 days... you can’t get more fresh than that!!! 😛

I ordered myself a birthday cake 🎂🤤👏 simply because I’m feeling for a cake... doing my research on-line and came across this superb site called;

Desserts Delivered Bakery

And their cakes look delicious, cool and collective 🤣 (not over the top) plus if the reviews are anything to go by... I know I’m not going to be disappointed 🤞

Will take a pic when it arrives next Sat!

I’m also meant to have my Dad come and have a LONG AWAITED (father/daughter) 😘 quality time... which I’ve not had since March, last year. 😳

So that would be a great birthday pressie to  see him, cook, catch up and chill. 🤞

Being taken out on Fri 11th for a pub grub, drink and maybe some karaoke 🎤👏 so looking forward to that... with a new friend/fan 😋named Neil I got talking to via BIGO.

He is 1 of a few that I’ve meet on there (male & females) who are real, funny, interesting with great energy - it’s all about meeting new like-minded people. 💯

From about 1pm today I had my fab hairstylist/friend Chi... who does hair (Locs) come and work his wonder-hands and ship-shaped my roots. 🙏 👏 while listening to pure back-a-day tunes 🎶

While he was doing my hair I introduced him to Bigo and we were live for about an hour... it’s a great networking, socialising platform and I most def recommend it. ✔️

My head is fresh, my hair is growing and I’m in '2 minds' wither to trim my locs (a little) 🤷‍♀️ but I’m loving the length... but I think if I end up finding/getting a bad new ‘short wig’ then I will most def cut it down.

As it will still have length... to my back instead of at my bum 😛 we’ll see!!!

So I wanna say thank you Chi for your great service, speed and lovely voice (when singing) 😉 

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