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SHOUT OUTS 👏❤️‍🔥🙏👌

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Sending a BIG Shout Out to all that is mentioned on this Blog. Well Done to you ☺️


👉 @mrsmacdog 🖤

WED OCT 3rd ‘2018: @23:10pm

Sending this #shoutout to @mrsmacdog 👏

I was just looking through IG and came across this post... which required only 1 comment #emoji 🙏 #amen #thankgod that this person and many others around the 🌍 who ‘came through’ the other side of 👉#godsplan 

Only he knows why he #tests #challenging #givelife #takeawaylife etc. 

As this woman mentioned she came through x2 #battles that’s disgraceful ‘C’ and 😢 the loss of her #teenage #son but I’m sure his name will not #dieinvain 💯



FEB 26th ‘2020

Shoutout to Christina Hodges @crissfilms who invited me in take part in her ‘Snapshot of London’ interviews.

Was a pleasure taking part and thank you for your feedback/review. 🤝

Check out Christina’s YouTube Page;

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