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Giving back and helping others has always been something I am passionate about... more so those who are homeless. It costs nothing to #help or give a #helpinghand 🙏 Love To All 🙏



FRI 7t APRIL ‘2023

I spent the morning volunteering with #thefelixproject it was so quiet on the roads, and the aun was beaming ☀️ Quick #selfie



MON 20th MARCH ‘2023

Today is the first time this year volunteering @TheFelixProject due to having my right-hand swelling over the last few wks I wasn't able to do it sooner.

Co-driving with 1 of the regular volunteers a lovely, friendly and welcoming guy called Derick (I think) 🤔 sorry I am so terrible with names. 🙈

We drove to Harrow to ship-off some food and then two collections from Greenford, a warehouse and the fabulous M&S. It's always great being able to help and give a helping-hand ☺️

@the bus stop this morning at 08:05am

While in the van waiting to enter through the barriers I saw my 3rd #magpie 💖 I really do love these birds. 🤗

Having a break, before my shift finishes. A lovely prawn, pasta salad.