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Non-Fiction: 📖 Do U Agree With This Quote?

I do!!!  A superb quote by #RobertWLucas 👌🏾 

Right now I am @home for the 2nd day, working on the remaining (never ending) final edit... when I should be on my way to work, making money instead of losing it!

This is the price you pay working as a contractor, if you take days off you don’t get paid. Simple!  

I have always been a workaholic but sometimes you have to look past the money you could be making and focus on finishing your own project... which is what I am doing and promised my #boss I’d be back on-Site tomorrow 😳and I will be because I am going to F*CK’ing 😤finish the last reading/editing today  😡 - Excuse My Frustration 🤣

Are you a book-worm, author or aspiring / professional writer or the occasional reader! My question to you is (are you open-minded” to reading a ‘non-fiction’ Book... that is not of the norm standard layout i.e. 💯 Professionally written, edited by a grammar expert or ghost writer)? But instead written with a mixture of professional and raw, authentic writing... so the reader can feel as though the writer is actually speaking direct to them, if you know what I mean.🤔 Why do I ask! Because this is how my ‘non-fiction’ Book has been written!  In order for me to be content and happy with my creative and informative writing... it was always important that the content reads like I always visioned like a📚'diary book'. There is no such thing as perfection, only #truth #foodforthought #fact and #honesty in my Book - Yes, this will be my first published work which I will continue to learn and grow from each day. #Amen 🙏🏾

Trust me this is/has been challenging, stressful, very time consuming but also very exciting... all at the same time!!!! 

I love 💚the fact that my #Book is most def a little (rough-around-the-edges) which for me is perfect and hopefully for you too... the Reader! 

Whatever the outcome... as long as whoever buys or receives a free copy of my book titled;

(The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline) 

Will also make the time to leave their honest (good or bad) review, live and direct on my website.     


So, for whatever reason my book WILL 😉 succeed... I can hold my head high and say 👉🏾 I TRIED👈🏾 *Share Your View*

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