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Non-Fiction: 📖 Do U Agree With This Quote?

I do!!!  A superb quote by #RobertWLucas 👌🏾 

Right now I am @home for the 2nd day, working on the remaining (never ending) final edit... when I should be on my way to work, making money instead of losing it!

This is the price you pay working as a contractor, if you take days off you don’t get paid. Simple!  

I have always been a workaholic but sometimes you have to look past the money you could be making and focus on finishing your own project... which is what I am doing and promised my #boss I’d be back on-Site tomorrow 😳and I will be because I am going to F*CK’ing 😤finish the last reading/editing today  😡 - Excuse My Frustration 🤣

Are you a book-worm, author or aspiring / professional writer or the occasional reader! My question to you is (are you open-minded” to reading a ‘non-fiction’ Book... that is not of the norm standard layout i.e. 💯 Professionally written, edited by a grammar expert or ghost writer)? But instead written with a mixture of professional and raw, authentic writing... so the reader can feel as though the writer is actually speaking direct to them, if you know what I mean.🤔 Why do I ask! Because this is how my ‘non-fiction’ Book has been written!  In order for me to be content and happy with my creative and informative writing... it was always important that the content reads like I always visioned like a📚'diary book'. There is no such thing as perfection, only #truth #foodforthought #fact and #honesty in my Book - Yes, this will be my first published work which I will continue to learn and grow from each day. #Amen 🙏🏾

Trust me this is/has been challenging, stressful, very time consuming but also very exciting... all at the same time!!!! 

I love 💚the fact that my #Book is most def a little (rough-around-the-edges) which for me is perfect and hopefully for you too... the Reader! 

Whatever the outcome... as long as whoever buys or receives a free copy of my book titled;

(The Journey of a Hidden Princess: A British Lady’s Path to Discovery of Her African Royal Bloodline) 

Will also make the time to leave their honest (good or bad) review, live and direct on my website.     

✨ ✨

So, for whatever reason my book WILL 😉 succeed... I can hold my head high and say 👉🏾 I TRIED👈🏾 *Share Your View*

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