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Further to my Tweet below regarding #CBB Amanda accidentally mis-gendering India! 

Like I said the 🌍 in regards to new gender titles etc. Has changed sooo much that not everyone is up to date, still getting use to certain genders and are simply old skool so may make mistakes.

Nevertheless it doesn’t mean it makes things any easier for a Transgender person who has finally made the change from 1 gender to another, to get upset by people incorrectly referring to them as there past (unwanted) gender. 

Had Amanda not apologised then YES that would have been taking the piss and a complete disrespect... but she did!  

Amanda too not long came-out to the world about being a Lesbian (gay) which I’m sure was not easy for her or anyone struggling with their sexuality... so I’m sure there is no way she was trying to be disrespectful.

I most def think this years Celebrity Big Brother, will be a very informative series for many as it’s going to cover many topics, subjects, political, interesting, upsetting and very mixed - Most def a great one to watch!!!

LOVE BB - Get Me In The House 🙏🏾

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