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No Loss Compares 2 The Loss of... a Child! 😢

Thursday 8th Feb ‘18:  Its 22:14pm and as I lay in bed having just said a prayer 🙏🏾 for 1 of my old skool friends, whose baby cousin died due to ill health a wk or 2 ago... I cannot stop my heart from hurt and pain that she, her family but most of all the parents.💔 No parent should ever have to bury their child, even more so difficult when they’ve only been in the world for less than 2yrs... WOW 😮 all I can do is SMH (shake my head) 🤦🏾‍♀️ But my friend done something today that not many people could or would do, she went from London to Birmingham... to the Funeral Parlour to ‘dress’ her baby cousin ready for her funeral next week. 😳 All day I’ve been thinking about her, how she was coping, if she was ok and her experience of offering to do something so hard, special, challenging, sad but beautiful.💚🙌🏾 She confirmed just a few hrs ago, that all went as well as can be expected... though unexpected but without a doubt thankful and honoured that she shared a photo of her precious baby cousin, who looked Beautiful in her white dress, gold cardigan and gold shoes, never would u have thought that this beautiful baby girl wasn’t asleep (peaceful, without a care in the world) but it breaks my heart to know that she was not going to be wake... she is now asleep forever in heaven with our great living God watching over her parents, who she will meet again one day. Well done Tisha... so proud of u babe.x For being your cousins rock and assisting to get their forever loved baby girl ready for her final farewell. My thoughts and prayers go out to all “worthy, loving, good hearted, non-selfish parents” who’ve lost a child/ren - Though I cannot begin to know what that is like... I do know that I LOVE 💖 children and hope to be blessed by becoming a mum 1 day 🙏🏾 and can only hope and pray to god that I will NEVER have to bury a child though I believe God has his reasons why some of our life’s are shorter than others BUT only he knows and if your a believer then you will also know “Everything Happens 4 A Reason” and your child may not be here in body but is with you in soul and memories everyday and everywhere you go!!!!! 

#YesTheyAre 👼🏾👼🏻👼🏿👼🏼👼👼🏽

🙏🏾Amen, Amen, Amen 🙏🏾  

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