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#Precious u are... 2me.💖

07.06.2018: Had I been able to bring this precious back home with me from Niga 🇳🇬 when I had my first visit back in March ‘2016 for my late-Granddad’s 90th Birthday... trust me, I would have 💯. Knowing that it was only then that we first meet each other and from the moment ‘we did meet’ we were inseparable... so-much-so that some could not understand how close we’d become in the space of a few days. I was shown nothing but love, she made sure I was ok and wanted for nothing, she confided in me, made me laugh, cooked for me and just cared... the same beautiful natured person, with a big heart and real personality like her mum - my favourite and precious Aunty 😘Yetundey. She is 1 of a kind... they both are (mother & daughter) 🙌 My precious Cuzie Z aka @ZehynarbYetundeyKasali - ur this little sister & niece (rolled into 1) that I always wanted... real, thoughtful, loving, and 1 of a kind... just like your mum. Keep doing you, being true to yourself, NEVER allowing anyone to take away your ✨Shine✨ and don’t watch or pay any mind to any negativity- because you are superb. 👌 Miss you, LOVE YOU and can’t wait to see you again soon... by Gods Grace.😘😘

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