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#TBS to my last year at School 👉 #1997 - #1998

Sun 8th July ‘2018:  The sort through of my things that I have had in storage for years continues!

I can’t believe I have come across 1 of my ‘contact books’ from my school days at #catorparkschool located in Beckenham... wow, wow, wow aged 16 to 17. 😉

#Memorabilia like this is priceless and I don’t know why I can’t let go of these things... but it’s all part of my life journey which can be treasured by loved ones in years to come (by gods grace) 

I even have personal messages wishing me a Gr8 #halfterm the fab (six weeks) holidays 😛 #memories 

Shout out to all the #CatorPark girls from 1992-1998 👊

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