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#HOV (Housemates of Variety)  #police👮‍♀️

Fri 12th Oct ‘2018:

I’m finally sat down, having been up at 🕗 due to 1 of my new #housemates slamming the front-door 😡 which is next to my room (plus) lol, everyone being the x4 new housemates plus the current ones...

“NOT to slam the door”

Because it’s an old house (with fabulous potential) I 💚it!!!!

Anyway back to my point! They all know don’t slam it because it shakes my windows, which are OLD, falling of the hinges 🤣🙄 but not that bad, to the point where it isn’t liveable... because it is!  

Otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the room... but yet the windows need upgrading! 💯

So there’s me deep in my sleep... then being disturbed from it by a big slam, NO i wasn’t impressed anyway I jumped out my bed to look and see who it was, it was Siamak ☺️ one of the new housemates.

Mid 40’s, about 5.5 and Iranian... he is so #lovely, #funny, #deep, #spiritual, #hardworking, #genuine and a great addition to the house. 👌

Straight away when I looked out and saw him the first thing that came to my mind was;

Wow, that’s unlike him to slam the door like that... he must be vex about something! 

Then I bloody realised that I needed to wake to tell him (not to lock his door) due to the window surveyor man coming and all doors need to be unlocked... so he can measure up!

So I ran out my room, out the front door on to the busy dual-carriage 🚖 nearly causing cars to crash 🤨because all I’ve got on is my bra, little shorts and vest top - my legs and my girls (aka) breasts... were saying ‘hi’ to all that was driving by, lol! 🤷‍♀️

But I didn’t care because I needed to make sure Si, hadn’t locked his door... because that would gave just mashed-up the appointment and delayed the process!

I shouted;

ME: Siamak, Siamak

Siamak’s walking 🚶‍♂️then he hears me calling his name so turns round... and starts walking back towards me

SIAMAK: Morning nicky 

ME: Morning Si, what’s happens to u this morning... you vex!


ME: So why did u slam your door so hard!  And did you read my text... about leaving your door open.

SIAMAK: Yes, I got it

ME: Oh good, so why did u slam the door like that!

He starts to laugh... 😂

SIAMAK: So I could wake you up... to let you know my door is open.

I started to laugh 🤣

ME: You little git 

Then we both started laughing 🤪

SIAMAK: make sure you watch my room 

ME: Of course

He carried on walking up the road to work and i went back in doors... by this time it was about 08:20am and the guy #windowsurveyor was due between 8 and 9... so could turn up at any point!

About 08:55am a knock at the door... it was the guy, i just knew it before he confirmed it!  I asked him for proof of I.D. then invited him in. Don’t ask me what his name was... as the #brain 🧠 has forgotten! 🙄

SURVEYOR: I got my van parked round the corner but can park for free until 10 - so do u mind if I can have a parking permit 

ME: Oh... Sorry but they don’t do parking permits here, I mean you can try and drive in the driveway (impossible) so don’t know why I said that! 🙁

SURVEYOR: Nah, I can’t because I’d need to reverse and can’t do that here...

ME: Ok, so do ya wanna come back at 10am instead...

SURVEYOR: Is That alright! Then I can do all my paperwork first then come and measure up.

ME: Yer, that’s fine

SURVEYOR: Can I just quickly check the windows, for the paper work 

ME: No probes

So took him round to each room in the house... and luckily he suggested a quick look. As I forgot prior (2wks ago) being told to make sure the bay-area of my windows is clear! Was it #clear 🤔 NOPE, lmfao and I had the cheek to tell the man I wasn’t told to clear that area... having forgotten, that YES I had already been told! 🤫

My lovely 2 seater #sofabed - which is the  (1 and only) #ikea item that I’ve ever owned, brought #secondhand from #gumtree back in #2015 👌#noregrets 

Anyway he came back, measured up, wrote his notes, we had a little banta and then I asked him;

ME: “how long ago do u think these windows were done” 

SURVEYOR: “I’d say in the 70’s so way over due” 

ME: “well I’m glad that we’re finally getting it done” 

So FINALLY we will soon have FRESH, Superb, new windows and slowly but surely the remaining few bits that need doing... the owner aka Mr Windsor will get them done too. 🙌

Every #rented property I think... should have a House Police to make sure #standard #communalareas are kept clean and tidy! 👊

A CLEAN HOME... is a #happy home ☺️

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