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TUES 21st APRIL ‘2009:

Went to interview down between L. Bridge and Bermondsey which is a PA role. Nothing special about the job and I would probably not take it, something within the ‘Housing Sector’ is coming my way. I went straight to work after and got there at 08:15am an hour early and so left work, an hour early @16:15pm.

When I got out of the station, I got a text it was from MB (boss) Matthew Baker asking 'where am I'?

What does he mean “where am I” obviously I’m not there? He is such an idiot... I didn’t even respond back, could anyway because I had no credit!

I’m hungry and all my money had gone onto my deposit for the new flat back in Catford... on top of ‘Motown’ so I thought I’d ring and ask mummy to buy me some food and I’d give her the money when I get paid on Friday.

Well more fool me... I should have known better as always because I had to plea/beg until I just put down the phone on her! I am sick and tired of her constant ‘I have no money’ but she finds the money when she wants to buy a new top or dress. I even asked her to use her ‘credit card’ and she said “No” its like trying to get (blood out of a stone).

I’m so glad to be moving back to Catford, so that I don’t need to go there often! I’m not worrying as my time for having the good life and money will be here soon. I swear to god that I won’t ask her for anything more!

I ended up going to get my things that evening... I had all sent Shaun (work colleague) an email to say bye and was shocked that I didn’t get a response back. I really thought he was 1 I’d stay in contact with.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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