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MONDAY 18th MAY ‘2009:

I got up after 9am, today and got dressed and then Del came around, to follow me to the Jobcentre.

When I got down there to find out what’s going on with my claim, it was s brought to my attention that the person who 1st saw me on the 30th April... did not send through my ‘new claim’ details to the Belfast Office.

I couldn’t fucking believe it, all this time I’ve been waiting to get paid some much-needed money and my claim hadn’t even been sent off to be processed. So, I had to go up to the first floor and go through my form, re-sign it and then the lady Sandra said;

“I will send it off this afternoon to the Belfast office”

After the longness at the job centre me and Del went down to see Nanny and got nuff joke at the Nursing Home. We stayed for about 45mins as Nan was tired, Del had things to do and I needed to get home.

We got back home and Del popped to the shop and I went in, then he knocked on my door and told me he saw 1 of my friends... he described him, then I realised it was Kevin he was talking about. Then about an hour later, I popped out to the shop and who did I see Mark... OMG!

Mark is just the same, just mark! He was buying a card (which I thought was for some girl) but he said its for Gavin as it is his 29th birthday today. I decided to go along with Mark... as Gavin only lives 10mins from me and thought it would be a nice surprise for him having me pass up unexpected.

I got him a card too... Kevin, Joe and Tony were all there it was so nice and reminded me of my Bellingham Days. A great night!


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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