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WED 20th MAY '2009:

I got up just after 9am and went into ‘sort out’ mood. I decided to finally try out the washing machine and hope it won’t mash-up my clothes!

So I sorted them all and put a wash in and it washed fine... so then I hung them up outside.

Del, popped round too and had some ‘bun and cheese' then asked he is could borrow some chicken seasoning. So, I have him some of my ‘fry chicken’ seasoning

I then left out of home at 14:30pm and walked up to mums... stayed there for awhile. 7pm decided to leave out with Mum as she has a ‘childminder’ meeting to attend.

Got back in doors at 19:25pm... I was just chilling and watching my soaps and then before o knew it, it was after 10pm.

Then I received a call from M___ asking if him and S___ could pass down... they passed down and it was like the ‘old times’ it was so great to have them both around!

We got nuff jokes and M___ was getting a little worked up at times when talking about certain ‘subjects’ lol... there was a moment when he looked at me and his eyes said a lot without him having to speak!

He told me his going to do a chef course which is excellent and asked if I wanted to do lunch tomorrow, which was a nice gesture. They both left at about 12am!

As I came from the kitchen and sat down... I saw L____ come from Del’s and popped to the shop, then she returned back to his.

Then 2 are jokers! Then at about 00:20am I had Mark and Garvin called to see how I was.

We’ll meet up 4 drinks soon.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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