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THURS 25th JUNE '2009:

I got up and kicked back for awhile... then popped up the road and on my way back I saw Mark and Gavin.

The weather today was HOTTTTTT and I had the wrong clothes on... as I was baking. Lol!!!

Popped home then returned to the pub where I stayed for a good few hours and ended up getting a serious tan... as if I was on holiday.

I saw Garvin (natalies cousin) who I haven't see in years. He still looks the same just grown and looking well. I said "Hi" to him and I knew (from the look on his face) he didn't know who I was... until a few hours later when I took of my glasses and he got to see my face. He came over and apologised for not knowing it was me, lol! He told me he has 3 daughters... I saw his youngest and she is lovely and looks just like him.

Gavin kept buying up the drinks.

Mum sent me a text saying;

Guess what ______ up to her old tricks borrowing money from ____. He also told me that her hubby doesn't ____ ____ anymore with her even before she ___ ______ and can't believe she'd tell him that!!!

I can't believe what I'm reading its sad and sickening that she is staying in a marriage of no love, ___ and her husband is a MEAN and SELFISH man.... who doesn't deserve her, he makes me sick!!!

I had 'Q' call me to say that MJ (Michael Jackson) had dies and he was on his way down to see me. I didn't believe him... until I turned on the TV and saw the news. WOW...R.I.P to the 1 in a million aka Man in the Mirror.


©Nicky Diaries (up, close and personal) #nickydiaries2009 by @AnikkaForbes

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