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Sharing my thoughts on #covid the lies and the 🐏 who believed the #fakenews #lies and ran to get #vaccinated 🤨 But hey, “Each 2 Their Own”!


I Hope this is the real deal, because I am Sick 🤮of asking “R U VAccinated or Unvaccinated” so to finally come across a #datingsite that is strictly for the (none sheep aka vaccinated) is REFRESSING. 👏👏👏

Dating sites is nothing new for me, been using them on and off for 20yrs... but there are 2 types of people in the world, and I am only interested in the ones that didn't follow the news! #YerISaidIt

So here is a site to try, I am defo joining to see if my

“1 & only is on here” 🤞🙏 🤗

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